20/20 Home Inspection of NJ LLC is a licensed Home Inspection Firm which specializes in indoor air quality issues such as NJ Mold testing. We are not a New Jersey mold remediation company whom will benefit in finding mold within your NJ home.

Our goal is to protect our clients in NJ from the health and financial issues that can affect your family from toxins in the home.Often we are contacted by potential clients for many reasons, such as:Our clients suspect mold contamination due to illness, odor or signs of visible growth. A New Jersey home inspection turns up signs of questionable growth. Water damage has occurred from a roof, plumbing leak or flood. A client may want to follow up test after remediation has been performed.In all cases we are equipped to test and assist in identifying the root causes of mold growth through both air and surface mold testing.We provide accurate results within 3-5 days in the form of a written report from an affiliated Certified Laboratory.Not all New Jersey mold inspection or testing firms are equally qualified to fully investigate mold conditions in your NJ home. We utilize years of knowledge in building dynamics coupled with state of the art tools such as Thermal imaging cameras and high tech moisture meters.For more information on Mold testing in NJ, please call us for a no obligation phone consultation. I am sure that any information I give you will help guide you in best direction to keep you family safe and breathing easy. We provide Mold testing and mold inspections in Monmouth county, Ocean county, Mercer county and other areas of New Jersey on request. 

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